Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Drop Spindle Kit



If you have always wanted to learn to spin, a hand spindle is a wonderful way to do it. They date back much further in history than spinning wheels. And they are not just a beginners tool. Hand spindles have been used as the primary way to spin in many cultures since long ago. And spindles are so portable that you can put them in your bag and spin on the go! Making them a great spinning tool that you can use almost anywhere.

This spinning kit includes a lovely 1.6 ounce spindle, a half ounce of off white pure Cheviot wool roving, and a leader yarn. [which gives you something to easily begin your new hand spun yarn with] And the spindle has already been hand finished with linseed oil. Letting it's beautiful warm color shine through. The round whorl is not notched, but you could easily add that if you desired. The spindle is approximately 11 inches long, with a 2 and a half inch whorl. 

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