Monday, January 30, 2017

Rustic Hand Woven Table Runner ~ Made of Pure Hand Spun Finn Wool

This table runner is hand woven in a lovely rustic design, with sweet fluffy tips on the ends of the fringe. And it is such a great size, with the woven body being approximately 9 inches wide by 21 inches long. Plus it has about 2 inches of fringe on each end. And it is made from 100% wool yarn that I hand spun.

It is done in a lovely off white color. Which makes it perfect for going with whatever color decor you are doing your table in. It would be wonderful for using on your dining or coffee table. Or anywhere else you would like a touch of rustic charm. It would be a great gift for yourself or for someone you know who loves hand made treasures.

I used rare finn sheep wool for this project. Finn sheep are thought to be several hundred years old. Descending from the mouflan that live in the wild on Corsica and Sardinia. The females are loving mothers and are known to have "litters of lambs" instead of a single lamb each year! Finn sheep are an amazing breed, and they also have a wonderful soft lustrous wool for hand spinners. Making them a wonderful rare breed of sheep that is must try.

For more info and pictures click here to see my listing on Etsy. 

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